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How to Get Over Your Fear of Needles

Hardly anyone loves getting a shot. For many, it’s simply a part of life; sometimes, you’ve just gotta get pricked. For others, however, needles can be terrifying. High blood pressure, gut-wrenching anxiety, dizziness and even fainting are all po

9 Health & Wellness Tips to Keep in Mind in Winter

Fall and winter have traditionally been a time of gathering and giving thanks for what we have and being hopeful for the future. However, things might be a bit different this year — a lot different, perhaps. In the time of the coronavirus, we simpl

10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season 2021

The influenza virus is active throughout the entire year in the United States; however, it’s most active during the fall and winter months. The period that experts call the cold and flu season typically begins around October and peaks in February.&

Woman enjoying a session of iv drip

7 Surprising Benefits of IV Therapy for Health & Wellness

Gone are the days when only hospital patients receive IV drip therapy treatments. Today, many health-conscious people enjoy IV hydration therapy as a way of getting the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even medications they need to feel better a