Nutritional IV Drips in Houston

Nutritional deficiencies can arise from many things, such as not eating the right foods to having health conditions that hinder your nutritional intake. Over time, vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition can cause serious health problems if not addressed.


At Bounce Hydration, we’ve specially formulated IV drip treatments that address malnutrition, malabsorption and vitamin deficiencies. The vitamins and amino acids we’ve included within our formulas can support your diet and overall journey to better health by providing the essential nutrients your body requires.

Benefits of Our Nutritional IV Drips

Our nutrient-packed IV drips contain mixtures of electrolytes, energy enhancers and B-complex to assist you in your wellness journey. Malnutrition can happen when the nutrients found in food are not properly broken down and/or absorbed by the body. Our specially designed nutritional IV drips help alleviate that by:

  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies
  • Helping mitigate health issues caused by malnutrition
  • Rehydrating your body
  • Increasing your energy
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Remedying migraines

For those who want lasting health benefits, you can add up to three boosters to any of our drips, which have significant wellness benefits of their own.

Bounce Hydration's Nutritional Drips

  • Slow Roll Drip
    Slow Roll Drip $225

    Every day our bodies lose fluids, and dehydration and nutritional deficiencies can cause unnecessary migraines. The Slow Roll drip refills your hydration tank off by providing your body with the necessary fluids, electrolytes and vitamins it needs to perform proper neurological functions. Fluids | Electrolytes | Energy Enhancer | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Magnesium

  • The Absorb it All Drip
    The Absorb it All Drip $249

    Suffer from conditions such as Crohn’s Disease or other malabsoprtion conditions? This drip provides you with vital nutrients and vitamins to make you feel great!

  • Kitchen Sink
    Kitchen Sink $199

    For those who are healthy and want a little bit of everything. Add up to 3 boosters to any Bounce Hydration Drip.