Become a Bounce Member Today

If you just can’t get enough of IV drip therapy and its wellness benefits, then one of our premier Bounce Memberships is perfect for you! As a Bounce Member, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits – more energy, immune defense, mental clarity and hangover prevention – at special VIP pricing. Once a member, you can bring a friend and your friend will get 25% off of their first drip and you will receive a $50 referral reward.

The Single

$ 179
per month
  • 1 drip* every month
  • 18% off your drip
  • Free booster with new member's first drip
  • Free $219 drip each yearly anniversary
  • Get $50 referral reward

The Double

$ 299
per month
  • 2 drips* every month
  • 32% off both drips
  • Free booster for the new member’s first and second drips
  • Get $50 referral reward

The Quadruple

$ 549
per month
  • 4 drips* every month
  • 37% off all 4 drips
  • Can be shared with family
  • Get $50 referral reward
Best Value

Memberships are billed Monthly on the day of the month purchased. Membership requires a 3-month commitment. Drips cannot be transferred to other people in Single or Double membership packages. If you wish to cancel your membership after the initial commitment, please email

*Drips must retail at $219 or less. Pay an upgrade fee for any drip over $219.