Energy Boost IV Drips in Houston

If you’re constantly feeling tired and sluggish, Bounce Hydration’s Energy Boost IV Drips have the answer. Our IV cocktails contain a proprietary mix of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals designed to give you more energy, combat exhaustion and lessen the symptoms of fatigue.

Benefits of Our Energy Boost IV Drips

Bounce’s Energy Boost IV Drips help get you out of your funk and on your feet and moving. Each drip has different benefits, including:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced toxins
  • Less post-workout fatigue
  • Improved blood flow
  • Healthier immune system
  • Sharpened mental focus

Bounce Hydration's Energizing Drips

  • Executive Drip
    Executive Drip $250

    The Executive Drip is perfect for those on the go, quickly delivering vitamins and antioxidants to the circulatory system. This treatment will enhance your work performance by keeping you sharp, focused, and feeling revitalized. This drip infusion helps you in performing your tasks with precision, combats stress, boosts your immune system, and gives you more energy to get work done. Fluids | Electrolytes | Energy Enhancer | B-complex | Brain Booster | Antioxidant

  • Myers Drip
    Myers Drip $225

    This is the O.G. vitamin drip that was developed by Baltimore physician Dr. John Myers, M.D. Originally formulated to address chronic diseases such as fatigue and fibromyalgia, today, the Myers’ Cocktail is used to remedy all sorts of symptoms, from low energy to headaches and dehydration. There’s a reason why the very first vitamin IV drip ever developed is still in use today. Fluids | Electrolytes | Calcium | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Magnesium

  • Skinny IV Drip
    Skinny IV Drip $199

    Drop that weight fast with a powerful dose of uniquely concentrated fluids within our Skinny IV drip. This hydrating formula is packed with electrolytes and energy enhancers that will give you a natural energy boost to quickly burn those calories. We’ve also included ingredients that will increase your metabolism and target fat cells. Plus, with increased energy and stamina, you can kick your waistline into better shape!Fluids | Electrolytes | Lipo-B | Energy Enhancer | Metabolism Booster | Amino Acids that promote muscle repair