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Hangover IV Drips in Houston

Bounce Hydration’s IV drips beat any supposed “hangover cure” out there. Not only do our IV treatments rehydrate your body to normal levels, but they also include essential nutrients and antioxidants that help you feel better and detox your liver.

Benefits of Our Hangover IV Drips

Partied a little too hard last night? We’ve all been there! The great thing about IV drips is that they are chock-full of fluids, vitamins and antioxidants and help you feel better in no time. You can even customize your IV drip with an anti-nausea or anti-inflammatory medication depending on how bad that hangover really is.

  • Alleviate the symptoms of a hangover
  • Re-hydration
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Sharpened focus
  • Anti-nausea *ADD-ON
  • Anti-inflammatory *ADD-ON 

Check out each of our amazing hangover drips. If you’re in the Houston area, schedule one today!

Bounce Hydration's Hangover Drips

  • Bounce Back Drip
    Bounce Back Drip $199

    This will get you off the couch and into the real world! We recommend this drip because it first and foremost helps with hydration. It combines our regular blend of fluids and electrolytes with a booster that will either reduce your headache or your upset stomach. This will help you recover so you can get back outside and feeling good again! Fluids | Electrolytes | Choice of anti-nausea medication or anti-inflammatory medication

  • Big Baller Drip
    Big Baller Drip $199

    Get an instant energy boost before a big night out with the Big Baller drip. Not only will this drip keep you hydrated throughout the night, it will also help ease any lingering effects you may feel the next morning (i.e. a hangover). It’s a quick and easy way to supplement nutrients that would otherwise be lost. Wake up feeling normal and refreshed rather than drained and nauseated. Fluids | Electrolytes | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Energy Enhancer