Stimulate Your Mind and Renew Your Body With a NAD Injection

Have you heard of NAD? NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme your body needs to power itself sufficiently. And even the most healthy person who is slightly deficient in NAD can feel tired, sluggish and walk around living life at half capacity.


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Even More Benefits of NAD Injections

Aging is more than years passing by on the calendar. Biologically speaking, it’s the accumulation of damage at the cellular level — especially to DNA. NAD is a super effective therapy for longevity and anti-aging and bears a host of other benefits.

  • Clear brain fog and improve mental clarity
  • Rejuvenate metabolic function
  • Support healthy energy levels
  • Sharpen memory and concentration
  • Boost agility and athletic performance
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Stimulate circulation by facilitating nitric oxide production
  • Enable the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does a NAD injection work?

The effects of a NAD injection are typically felt relatively quickly, and most people report feeling a significant boost to their mood and overall wellbeing during the days following their injection.

How long does a NAD injection last?

The effects of a NAD injection can typically be felt for three to five days. The biological influence of NAD supplementation, however, continues to support your health.

How often should you receive a NAD injection?

NAD injections can be taken with a drip one to two times per week depending on your wellness goals.

How does NAD work?

NAD works by encouraging ATP production by the mitochondria, which, if you remember from science class, is the powerhouse of the cell that generates energy. NAD also helps to activate SIRT1 enzymes and PARP1 genes, both of which have DNA-repairing properties and anti-aging benefits.

Can the NAD injection be added to a drip?

While a drip version of NAD exists, Bounce Hydration currently offers the shot version exclusively for $75. This can be in combination with any of our drips, and most people report feeling absolutely incredible for a few days following.

Why is NAD supplementation important as we get older?

NAD is a biological component that makes a huge difference but gets very little mainstream attention. The fact is that NAD is crucial for healthy functioning cells but declines naturally with age, leading to an ever-accelerating spiral downward. Do not let the current of time affect the quality of your life. The science is here and it’s affordable. Give yourself an extra edge.

Is NAD just a mood enhancer?

Not even close. Making sure your NAD stores are adequate isn’t just about feeling good. Without NAD, your metabolism can slow to a screeching halt and your body won’t make efficient use of the nutrients you get from food. NAD is also important for gene expression and when that experiences interference, various age-related diseases can follow.

Additionally, many scientific inquiries have been made into NAD’s importance and capabilities. Already, research has discovered that low NAD often exists alongside conditions such as depression, fatigue, substance abuse, a weak immune system, muscle pain, sleep problems, brain fog, and many other chronic conditions.